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The Donald
02-09-2018, 07:14 AM
Post: #661
RE: The Donald

Well if this is all about leftists, he certainly is playing it out to the max like increasing the budget by 21%. The reason Rand Paul was questioning the latest hypocrisy coming from the GOP beltway, it was OK to oppose the Obama budget increases but now that Trump and crew propose it, let's do it.

Or the new Nuclear First Strike policy of this administration. Hey, nuclear war is fun, who knew?

Oh that's all about North Korea, don't worry Russia or China even though we have Nukes right on your border and you are rivals and you threaten us because you won't do what we tell ya, we'd never nuke you, I'm just funing with those lefties! BTW we are going to stay in Syria forever, bet you didn't see that one coming

Yes, if he is getting into the head of leftists out there everywhere, then color me a lefty, because I can't imagine how spending more money on new nuclear weapons makes any kind of sense for a nation 23 trillion in debt and with 222 trillion in debt of future unfunded liabilities.

We would all be goose stepping it now? heard that one before, that is why America must invade everywhere, why Hussein, Ghaddafi, insert tyrant here, is another Hitler, don't be another Chamberlain.

I Guess I just can't see the sheer genius of borrowing 1.2 trillion dollars, selling treasury notes to probably only the FED, or some other european central bank, to make war on the world.

I'd say considering how broke this country is financially, apparently the only way out of this is to strap on some nukes and tell the rest of the world, if you don't do as we say, we are all going to die.

Another non-interventionist candidate turned mad dog once elected. But he is our mad dog.
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