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A PROPER Defense of Amendment Two
04-15-2018, 09:03 AM
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A PROPER Defense of Amendment Two
The rabid left has picked all around this issue, doing everything they can to get weapons away from those of us Americans that they totally despise. They use weasel terms like "reasonable gun regulations" and that the 2nd is NOT an individual right and so on. Funny though how the entire Bill of Rights consist of listing of "unalienable" rights (meaning they CANNOT be taken away by government) as they apply to all Americans as INDIVIDUALS. None of them are, or ever were, GROUP rights. America has been based on the idea of individual liberty.....ever since it's beginning.

The best way to defend the 2nd amendment is by using the words of the founders!

......How would any of the Founders have made the case for the Second Amendment? Why, in terms of unalienable rights, of course. The concept of unalienable rights is the key to understanding the American Founding. The Declaration of Independence declared that we have unalienable rights. It went on to declare that securing those rights is the very purpose of government – "to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men......According to the Declaration!

Think about what that means. It is the proper job of government to PROTECT those rights....for every single one of us! And what happens if "government" fails to do that job?

....."any government that deviates from the noble purpose of securing those rights is illegitimate!"......

........"John Paul Stevens – how astonishing that this man once served on the Supreme Court, charged with upholding the Constitution! – and others have called for repealing the Second Amendment. But according to the Founders, repealing the Second Amendment would not get rid of our unalienable right to keep and bear arms. No action by government can overturn an unalienable right. An unalienable right remains no matter how a government moves against it. That's what "unalienable" means. Repealing the Second Amendment would not in put an end to the right it was designed to protect; it would only put an end to the government's claim to legitimacy"......

Article in American Thinker

There is not a leftist in the entire country who KNOWS what an "unalienable right" really is.....nor is there one of them that would accept such an idea. In their world it is GOVERNMENT that gives and takes.

But NOT in the minds of the founders. UNALIENABLE RIGHTS: Thomas Jefferson understood “unalienable rights” as fixed rights given to us by our Creator rather than by government. The emphasis on our Creator is crucial, because it shows that the rights are permanent just as the Creator is permanent.

Oxford’s William Blackstone described “unalienable rights” as “absolute” rights–showing that they were absolute because they came from him who is absolute, and that they were, are, and always will be, because the Giver of those rights–Jefferson’s “Creator”–was, and is, and always be.

In the simplest terms possible these eminent gentlemen believed that these were basic human rights to be enjoyed by ALL Americans....and that they could NEVER be taken away by government! Pretty simple in my book.

Of course you can see the biggest problem for the left. In their world there is NO creator but rather ALL POWER comes from "government" which they intend to control forever.

There is a major clash in ideologies coming our way as the media and the crazies of the left rev themselves up into a frenzy. They think that by using some congressional actions, and/or by using legal trickery at the SCOTUS they will eventually do away with amendment 2.

They may be much more wrong than they could ever imagine. There are millions of American citizens, the most heavily armed citizens on the planet, who take these things very very seriously and quite a few of them are, like the founders, willing to die for what they believe. If this comes to pass it will make Bull Run look like a picnic by comparison.

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Today, 02:58 AM
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RE: A PROPER Defense of Amendment Two

How dare a parkland student go to a gun range?
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