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The Left Has Declared WAR! There Will Be Blood
04-14-2018, 09:31 PM
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The Left Has Declared WAR! There Will Be Blood
From a timely article by William L Gensert, in American Thinker comes this great piece.

......."In seeking and executing a warrant to search the offices and home of Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal attorney, leftists have abandoned all pretense that they are not prosecuting civil war against Americans who disagree with them. They have decided that we represent an existential threat to the America they envision would exist under their tutelage. They won't let us mind our own business, raise our children, protect our families, be productive citizens, and be left alone. That won't do – they have plans for us. They want this war, and they will force this fight upon us"........

To succeed in this war they must "impeach President Trump" and they must DISARM us! Leftists feel that they are right: America shouldn't have a choice. In effect, people should not be allowed to vote for anyone leftists do not approve of, and they certainly do not approve of Donald Trump. And since they are on the side of what is right and just, anything they do, no matter how illegal, how immoral, how outwardly and obviously unfair and biased, is justified because the arc of history bends toward justice...or some such nonsense.

They possess an arrogance never before seen on American shores as they view 60 million fellow American Trump Adolph Hitler viewed the Jews. Unworthy even of life...let alone a voice in their own country!

....."The signs are there that Americans are going to fight this. There is a real possibility of blood in the streets. Regular Americans are tired of the Democrat elite telling them what they must accept........So there you have it: the left wants to wage war against the most heavily armed populace ever to exist on this planet, and as weapons, leftists are going to use rhetoric and clever metaphors, mellifluously delivered, à la Barry the brilliant. When Charlton Heston said, "They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands," it wasn't a threat; it was a promise.......This will not end well, and the blood will be on their hands"......

The lefts arrogance and self righteousness is so profound that they just cannot ever accept that they may not have all the right ideas, or maybe even a few of them. They cannot conceive of any plan they have ever going wrong. They are the stupidest people on American soil. They will never see the apocalypse coming....if they provoke it hard enough. They will be the most surprised folks in the land if the ceiling falls in on them one of these days.

As Trump tweeted, the "attack" on his lawyer's office by a runaway judicial system was NOT an attack on Donald Trump but was rather a direct attack on the 60 million plus Americans who support him and his ideas. A political ideology based on nothing but pure raw hatred may well end up looking like the ashes of Germany in 1945 when their air of superiority came round to bite them in the ass. It can, and may well, happen again! If the wise men who founded America were alive today and witness the assination attempt by Mueller and the FBI there would have been shootings and hangings long before now. The decent American people have a lot of patience and tolerance for BS but they do have a line in the sand and we are damn near it I think.

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04-15-2018, 01:21 AM
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RE: The Left Has Declared WAR! There Will Be Blood

As the west's recent attack on a sovereign nation shows, Americans and the west care nothing about any laws, national, international, moral or otherwise.

The idea that there is a difference between the left and the right should be fairly clear to anyone paying attention, any difference is just petty. THEY can do as they damn well please and they do so without any regard for truth and justice. THEY being the money printing murderous criminals that pull all the strings in this joke of an oligarchy that is America and the west.

America and the west is very similar to the Sauds princedom that can have one prince jail the others and hold each other for ransom. Democracy, republics? all long gone under the struggle for power and game of thrones.

I don't know what is the average American's line in the sand? I don't believe the average American has any line in the sand, just like our politicians, they are just concerned about self-gratification. Who dies with the most toys, how can I scam the system for the most gain, what's for supper?

Maybe you have a line in the sand WC, but I doubt that the vast majority of Americans have any line. They mostly want to just play in the sand box and hope to be left alone.

The powerful have certainly declared war against the serfs, but the left/right argument doesn't really make it, I believe. But there will be blood, that is always a given and we should prepare. Most Americans however have their fingers firmly planted in their ears and are going LALA LALA LA.
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