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Zuck says FACEBOOK data "stolen"?......BS!
04-07-2018, 09:13 AM
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Zuck says FACEBOOK data "stolen"?......BS!
The American left loves to just throw words around that have no connection to logic and reason. Cambridge obtained data from FB using an app they designed. FB users basically gave this info out by their own actions:

......"Firstly, it’s important to note that nothing was technically taken without permission. So, how do you gather a data set of 50+ million people on a closed platform? People were incentivised to take a personality test— and according to the BBC around 270,000 people did so"......

Selling this kind of data to advertisers is exactly where FB makes it's money. The only reason this was WRONG was that the wrong political side obtained the data....and Zuck did NOT get $$$ from it!

......"So far, there is no evidence of a data breach per se —no data was taken which was not publicly available. The word breach has been used somewhat liberally; the headlines could be more accurately described as ‘Cambridge Analytica used Facebook against its agreed terms’. To add further confusion, Cambridge Analytica may have found a loophole in Facebook’s terms by technically getting that data from other sources like search engines—which is why it’s not an open and shut case"......

I bet that 99% of FB users do NOT know how Zuck makes billions off their information, believing instead, that he is just providing a platform for them to socialize with their friends.....because he is a nice guy. Actually he is a little commie prick who allows his place to be used to undermine the American constitution! Here is proof of his ideology. Fake outrage at the event, but more concerned that folks have found out what his operation REALLY does....with their info! FB stock lost 60 Billion, bet he crapped his pants! Hope so!

Here is a link to commentary from a "marketing" based blog explaining how and what was done and how FB uses this data, normally (without REAL knowledge of most FB users) to make hundreds of billions of $$$!


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04-07-2018, 10:47 AM
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RE: Zuck says FACEBOOK data "stolen"?......BS!
Are you on Facebook, woody? If not, what’s the difference to you?
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