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The Arrogance of Corruption
02-08-2018, 07:53 PM
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The Arrogance of Corruption

If you are having a problem with high blood pressure perhaps you shouldn't read this. The nation's most corrupt AG, a liar who's arrogance also places him at the top of the list for being the most despicable, has now stated that the IRS should not have apologized for the crimes committed in effectively ruining the Tea Party. This after the criminals & perjurers Koskinen and Lerner have retired on our dime, having not been indicted. Just for the topping on this, the affirmative-action little punk is "considering running for president". A truly gag-worthy prospect from a man more qualified to be named in a RICO indictment, than to ever hold any public position, to include that of sanitation worker.
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02-08-2018, 08:40 PM
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RE: The Arrogance of Corruption
eric knows where the limit is. He, like the coyote does not have a conscience. Like the coyote he can smell that steel leg hold trap from a distance. Hard to trap a coyote.....not impossible....difficult. eric knows precisely where the line is. This coyote hunter sits in the tree stand...over the carcass bait...coyote has no natural enemies above....too big for the eagles.
approaches the bait downwind, keeps a distance. BLAm!
Time for the Blam game. Wait until we get to the pizzagate child trafficking part of the game. We may just get to the reverse seth Richards solution....yes?
like hill said....we will all hang from nooses! sorta like the French revolution.
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