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The Real Left-Right war
02-07-2018, 08:15 AM (This post was last modified: 02-07-2018 08:22 AM by cheech.)
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The Real Left-Right war

Unless you live off-grid in a cave it is nearly impossible not to hear one story or another about the "Russians". We have had a continuum of party pissing matches by people most of whom we would as soon never hear from-the body politic in its entirety. I much suspect I and most of us would somehow survive being told that we would never again hear Maxine maxi-pad Waters bleat "impeach 45", or our resident lame-assed RINO again tell us of how she had carefully contemplated all sides just prior to another ad nauseum betrayal of the interests the conservatives. That however has nothing to do with the real object of the exercise. The money ball is, and has always been, control of you and what used to be your money, culture, and country. For the communist left that requires masses of dumbasses. Too many several generation Americans are on to their grift. The right needs those who can be gulled into their side by the promise of less government, taxes, and general bullshit from the politards. Therein lies the rub. The left needs as many unfamiliar, needy, desperate dumbasses to go to the polls and assist in the national suicide that they offer, carefully concealed in their ranting of "racist xenophobes" and "pasty white male nativists". Kate Steinle "got what she deserved" is often inferred as well in the utter horse shit they spew. They feel that the influx from the southern border is their salvation, so if they murder a few of us, cause taxes to go through the roof, and generally enslave those who remain responsible citizens, as long as they remain in control, it's all good. They will gladly burn down the house as long as they rule the ashes. Displace the demographic with dumbasses? Why not if that's the price of admissions for them.
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