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City of The Great King
01-02-2018, 07:38 AM
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RE: City of The Great King

Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid
by Ran HaCohen Posted on December 11, 2017

By acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, President Trump has demonstrated a genuinely deep historical insight. Even if Israel itself had claimed any other city as its capital – be it Tel-Aviv, where Israel’s declaration of independence took place in 1948; or Hebron, where once Abraham bought a graveyard, and where nowadays a few hundred Jewish settlers terrorize hundreds of thousands of Palestinians; or even Vilnius, once known as “Lithuania’s Jerusalem” for its prosperous Jewish community (Israelis now parrot that “every people has a right to choose its own capital”, so why not?) – the leader of the free world would have been correct in pointing at Jerusalem as the true and genuine capital of the Israeli Apartheid.

Since the fall of the South African Apartheid in 1994, no capital – in fact, no other city on the globe – has been divided into 60% first-class full citizens and 40% second-class “residents”. Precisely this, however, is the essence of “united” Jerusalem. When Israel occupied and annexed the eastern parts of the city in 1967, it regretfully found out that they were inhabited – by Palestinians, more than 300.000 of them by now. These Palestinians were not granted the Israeli citizenship, but merely turned into tolerated inhabitants, as if they had somehow infiltrated into their own city. As non-citizens they can participate in municipal elections, but have no voting rights to the Knesset, under whose jurisdiction the whole of Jerusalem falls. If they stay out of Jerusalem for too long (guess who decides how long), they lose even their residence status and be thrown out of the city altogether, as happened to thousands of them.

In 1980 Israel legally – or, as the entire international community finds, illegally – declared the entire united Jerusalem to be its capital. Consequently, about a dozen foreign embassies left Jerusalem and moved to Tel Aviv. Yes, Mr. Trump: your future embassy will not be the first one! You’re a loser on that. Many embassies preceded you, but they all left as soon as the Apartheid in the city was turned into a law...

...Jewish tradition distinguishes between Upper and Lower Jerusalem. Upper Jerusalem is the ideal City of God. Never has Lower Jerusalem been more remote from this ideal. Today’s Jerusalem is the most blatant incarnation of the Israeli Apartheid, with 40% of its residents held as non-citizens in their own city, discriminated by law, pushed into poverty, harassed and terrorized by the Israeli police and settlers: a huge South African township, marked for eviction and takeover by Israeli Jews. Realities in the West Bank are basically much the same, but Jerusalem is the quintessence of this injustice. President Trump will go into history as the leader who gave his blessing to this moral crime, earning himself a distinguished place in the hall of shame."
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