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Bubonic Plague
11-16-2017, 07:27 PM
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Bubonic Plague
I remember past articles where "scientists" were busy digging up bubonic plague victims to do "research" and now we have an outbreak. Coincidence?

Plague genome: The Black Death decoded

Sequencing the Microbe That Causes Bubonic Plague

DNA from ancient skeletons reveals cause of London's Great Plague

Germany’s Superbug Weaponized With Black Plague DNA

Scientists race to develop vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could use the Medieval disease to kill millions
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11-16-2017, 10:04 PM
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RE: Bubonic Plague
......"Scientists race to develop vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could use the Medieval disease to kill millions"......

And then all the big box store pharmacies will be running "black plague shots" campaigns.

"Most shots are FREE to most people"

That's what all the flu shot campaign signs read at least!

My take on the plague is that it was spread from rats by fleas and on to humans. Needless to say in mid century Europe sanitation was terribly lacking and good hygiene was virtually unknown as well as there were no medicines to combat the illness once caught!

The inner cities with people using the streets for toilets, and street living encouraged by authorities,will be the scene of an outbreak, if there is one, sorta like Hepatitis in CA these days. Poor sanitation leads to some bad stuff often!

As my dad used to say, those in power love to use FEAR in order to be able to control a populace that cannot think for itself.

The term "Bomba-Cyclone", used by NOAA to explain the big windstorm three weeks back, is a perfect example of this trend!

Expect lots more, Alaska is scaring people into thinking the NORKS are gonna hit AK with a "Thermo-nuclear" bomb, any day now!


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11-17-2017, 12:35 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2017 12:53 PM by cheech.)
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RE: Bubonic Plague

For the most part I take your point as to the use of fear in sheeple herding. However, as near as I know this is very real, and given the utter lunacy of our state department I think/fear that it may be only a matter of time before some bureaucratic ass gives and infected African a visa to come to New York and spread things around. After all, they have rights. Too bad we don't seem to have even though we pay these sphincters.......... The pneumonic strain is spread airborne, and is 100% fatal. Induced paranoia is one thing, but this seems to be getting close to be a really good reason to be very careful. Most of us are very aware of what we can count on from the government morons.
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11-17-2017, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2017 04:42 PM by cheech.)
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RE: Bubonic Plague

This bit of cultural lunacy would hardly seem to be helping the matter. How about simply letting the dead rest in peace & living a little longer to boot?
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11-18-2017, 07:53 AM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2017 08:51 AM by John Smith.)
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RE: Bubonic Plague
If entirely true this is interesting not for who did it and why, but why isn't it widely reported? E coli DNA spliced with plaque DNA systematically exposed to 8 different antibiotics until it is immune to all and then released on man. While we wonder who fondled who in the news, this is largely ignored.

Weaponized e. Coli Found to Contain Plague DNA

"He pointed out, quite correctly, that without sustained and careful laboratory manipulation there would be no way for this organism to acquire total resistance to these drugs since the drugs are not used in agriculture and the bacteria would not encounter all eight of them in nature.

The only reasonable conclusion is that colonies of normal E. coli had been intentionally, systematically exposed to each of the antibiotics in turn and the surviving colonies had been propagated and then exposed to the next antibiotic. The surviving germs were now resistant to both of the antibiotics to which they had been exposed. The process was repeated until a super bug was created which would not yield to any of the antibiotics that doctors would customarily use to treat the infection."

......."Of course, by who, and why, the altered organism was deployed has not yet been established. A psychotic graduate student with aspirations to be a mass murderer? A corporate ploy to discredit independent agriculture and force the total industrialization of food to keep it “safe” from contamination (that is, the organized intentional contamination of all food by the folks who make the agrochemicals and GMOs which allow more of them to poison us and the drugs that you take when you get sick from the food)? A dedicated globalist loyally pursuing the “great culling” of us “useless eaters”?"

...."So what we knew was that a forced natural selection had been used to create killer super-super bugs. Now we know that genetic manipulation of the GMO sort has been used, as well. Truly, a weaponized bug if there ever was one…

Helge Karch, the director of the Robert Koch Institute (Germany’s CDC). who heads a consulting laboratory at the Münster University Hospital in Germany says that he has discovered that the super killer contains DNA from E. coli, which is what he expected. It also contains (unexpectedly for those who don’t expect such genocidal manipulations) DNA from the organism that causes plague, responsible for wiping out a quarter of Europe’s population during the Black Death (1348-1351)."

Black Death Likely Altered European Genes

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Next Generation Bioweapons

The Mutant Genes Behind the Black Death

Strategy Guides/Bio-Weapon

124 dead, nearly 1,200 infected with plague in Madagascar
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12-04-2017, 11:58 AM
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RE: Bubonic Plague
US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies

"The use of ge:heart:netic extinction technologies in bioweapons is the stuff of nightmares, but known research is focused entirely on pest control and eradication."

"Darpa believes that a steep fall in the costs of gene-editing toolkits has created a greater opportunity for hostile or rogue actors to experiment with the technology."
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