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Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
10-06-2017, 02:36 PM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip

A picture is building of the prime suspect in the shooting ambush on Republican congressman at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia

Angry old white man with an AKS?

Jokes on him, he wasn't ISSUED a rifle with the bump stock.

agenda anyone?
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10-07-2017, 07:40 AM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
Bump stock you say?
If you scroll down to the comments section in the link above, you find comments like:

yeah I don't see a bumpstock on any of those guns or drum mags. if you listen to the shooting video you can hear the rate of fier and theres more than 30 to 50 rounds being shot straight. those magazines on the guns pictured don't hold that many bullets and can not be fired that fast for that amount of time. this is an obvious false flag and it is soooooooooooooo obvious. we need to blow the lid of this xxxxxxxx.

Not sure, but should be a much larger pile of brass in that room, around 700 rnds or more. Also, I would expect to see around 23-24 empty mags scattered around the room. After firing, he would have simply dropped them to the ground, some would have failed, some not. No time in 9 minutes for anything else. The stack of 14 AR mags shown in the photo are unused, there's one gun with an (unreliable) 60 rnd? mag. Either there's a bushel basket worth of empty mags behind the couch or things don't add up.

There is no flash suppressor or anything on that weapon. Even if there was, go YouTube ar15 muzzle flash, see what that looks like. That room would be like a strobe light on a disco floor. I watched videos numerous times, no flashes of light anywhere. I think this is a sad day all the way around. When the guns are gone, and if another country invades, how are we supposed to help defend our land ? Something scarier than this shooting is taking place, and i hope that curtain is drawn back soon.

I am fully aware that the info available to the public in riddled with uncertainties...what else we got?
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10-07-2017, 08:15 AM (This post was last modified: 10-07-2017 08:41 AM by woodcanoe.)
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
I would agree, that just like Sandy Hook, there is a serious shortage of information coming from the authorities. All we hear is that there were 21 (or 27) guns found in that room.

So what were they?

The cops, who control access to the information certainly know what weapons were found there and likely have ample photos of all the weapons, the brass on the floor and the entire scene. Certainly slugs would have been recovered from both wounded as well as dead bodies. What caliber and weight were they? Why keep that a secret if this is on the up and up? Remember the most suspicious thing at Sandy Hook was......the lack of information provided to the public. Is this going to be the same thing?

If it all went down, just as they have said.....what's the big secret?

Listening to the audio on the various youtube videos is not an easy task. The phones that recorded the sound were quite a distance away from the (supposed) firing position and the sound is made flookey by all the buildings around and the echoes and so on. But you can hear pretty clearly one weapon fire at a sustained rate for 50 or more rounds at one point. During that interval that sound is just as even as it can be, and the gun is running at a steady rate. Both my sons and I believe that was a weapon running at full auto!

During war time the soldiers come to recognize what weapons are being fired at the sound of the gunfire as well as the rate of fire. So we did a little experiment. We went to youtube and listened to all the weapons we could find being fires full auto. Then we compared that to the audio on the tapes. The weapon that comes closes to the sound, and rate of fire is an AK! 75 and 100 round mags are available for the AK also.

I have never heard any gun being fired in my presence, with a bump stock. So all bets may be off re the above info. The sound in the audio tapes does NOT sound like an AR15...which is extremely loud! Yet the only photos we see of the hotel room show 5.56 brass all over the floor, though not several hundred rounds as one might expect!

Millions of questions here and I am POSITIVE that I don't know what really happened here.


The "cyclic rate" is a pretty good "tell" as to what weapon(s) were used. Here is an interesting video of a gun expert firing an AR at semi-auto, bump stock slide fire and full auto. You can easily see, and hear, the differences when the gun is being fired.

Semi v slide fire stock v full auto

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10-07-2017, 09:31 AM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
"I would agree, that just like Sandy Hook,…."

Just like Sandy Hook you say…..? You mean similar characteristics?

Don’t suppose there was any sort of drill being conducted at the same time…….like 911 – that is where VP Cheny was; overseeing the ‘drill’. Remember the sign behind crises actor Gene Rosen that said….”Everyone must check in?” Drill that one.

Well…..make a note in case the 'drill being conducted' issue comes up again:

Vegas union worker blows whistle on “mandatory active shooter training” which was due “Sept. 30” at “12 a.m.”
Union paperwork suggests that something’s afoot about the Mandalay Bay Route 95 music festival massacre.

According to a report released by Youtuber “DAHBOO77,” a Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a “mandatory active shooter training” with a “due date” of “Sept. 30, 2017, 12 a.m.,” which nearly coincides with the shooting.

Was such a drill held on the same day to serve as cover encase operatives or the shooter(s) were caught bringing weaponry into the Mandalay Bay?

The bulletin also mentioned “training in casino essentials” and talked about “completion of the course.”

Speaking plausibly: Why you guys bringing all these gun into the hotel?
Havin a drill man, BTF is having an active shooter drill and we need the props. Get it?
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10-07-2017, 12:08 PM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
Anytime I see that the cops and top political figures are witholding information from the poeple, I figure there is a pretty good chance for a scam as if it was a scam.....virtually no information reaches the folks like usl....from the folks like them!

Several months ago a woman was shot and killed in Minneapolis by a Somalian Refugee mall cop "wannabee" who was clearly an affirmative action hire who was NOT qualified to be carrying a badge let alone carrying a gun.

Not one ounce of information has reached the people of Minneapolis from either the city police, state criminal authorities or the political leaders of the city/state re the investigation! How come?

They know full well that this was politicial correctness that backfired on them badly and covering their own ass is way more important than letting the public know what happened.

Much speculation, and not motive, has been given for this shooting. Just for informational purposes, the easiest gun in the world to convert to "selective fire" (full auto) is an AK 47 variant. Over 100 million AK's have been built capable of selective fire. Millions of these weapons have been demilitarized and the fire control parts needed to make one capable of full auto are available all over the internet for $20 or so. All that is required is to drill one hole (could be done with a hand held drill), in the right place and installation of the FA parts by replacing some of the semi-auto parts. One with knowledge of the Kalishnakov could convert one in less than an hour. An AR-15 requires milling work on the receiver and takes longer.

The political leaders and government authorities are all the same today. We got to cover our ass first!

Until I see some HARD evidence, showing we the people the ordinary kinds of evidence that derives from such a situation as this on is supposed to be......I am going to think that there is some kind of scam going on here.

Keeping the citizens in the dark is right out of the old USSR!

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10-07-2017, 02:06 PM (This post was last modified: 10-07-2017 02:13 PM by Mike G.)
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
Never heard of a bump stock until now. Watched some utube stuff and for all intents and purposes if you want to spray bullets into a crowd of concert goers, it is as good as any.

Certainly the reports of a dozen cycles of 30 rds to 50 round firing sequence by LEOs fits in the scenario of multiple weapons and bump stocks.

I'll wait for the official version and view some other stuff, but the official version so far as I can see is very plausible. One nut with murder and suicide on his mind.

4 minutes 12 minutes 29 minutes, only 59 dead, I think Dale is right not unreasonable . As far as the flashes go, it would be all how far into the room he'd be shooting and angle to the crowd.

The active shooter training if true is too close to being deja vue on so many however
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10-07-2017, 02:33 PM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
If it was political violence, the authorities may withhold that information in the interest of the public's safety. Some folks aren't wrapped too tight and escalation or copy cats could result. We have more cop killers, the guy who attacked the softball players and now this. Supposedly, he bought most of his guns and went on meds after the election. Maybe his candidate didn't win and he couldn't live with it. I know someone who killed himself and told folks he was going to do it because of the new administration. Its hard to believe after suffering through 8 years of obama that some people have come completely unglued when Clinton lost. Mental illness is sad.
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10-07-2017, 03:46 PM (This post was last modified: 10-07-2017 03:51 PM by KennyRoberts.)
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
I was just throwing out an innuendo that the next terrorist watch list will only need to have old white men on it.
Although the two men have much different stories, something makes me think these are related, not coincidences.

Immigrants, communist college students, use your imagination, are not the threat anymore, just old white men. You guys are a scary bunch of angry old white men, lol.
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10-08-2017, 08:51 AM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
If the motive is "open and shut" as the cops and media are saying, one wonders just what all the secrecy is about here.

I have thought for years of various terror strike opportunities in the USA and this was one of them. In fact I am surprised that this has NOT been done before.

All the coverage that this event has gotten already is just going to serve to inspire other sicko's maybe.

Now the story is that the "note" contained info on ballistics and so on, for shooting from his spot, downwards into the crowd. This is just about way too half! Someone with very limited shooting experience is NOT going to even think about ballistics and trajectories etc when he has 20,000 people in a corral like sheep,packed close together. All you need to do is to shoot into the middle of that mass and you will hit lots of people. This was NOT a sniper situation where the shooter is thinking of taking out one particular person...out of that crowd.

With all the weapons he had (supposedly) equipped with slide fire stocks....he wasn't worried about aiming anywhere near as much as he was about putting lots of metal downrange in as short a time as possible.

Why did it take the cops 72 minutes to break into that room, after the first shots were fired? I get better response time in rural Maine than that! Why weren't more shots fired with that much time on his hands?

What is going on here that the authorities are trying to cover up with silence?

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10-08-2017, 10:14 AM
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RE: Sniper kills 50+ on Vegas Strip
Just ran into an interesting column by a writer by the name of Henry Percy, writing about the Vegas incident.

He starts by condemning all of the conspiracy theories....then expounds on one of his own, that government "knows all and tells all". His story is kind of canned garbage but some of the comments beneath it bring out some good points!

Percy article


....."I imagine that this will light up the comments section, but someone needs to write it: the conspiracy theories cropping up over the Las Vegas shooting are as noisome as mushrooms on a dunghill after a spring rain. In discussing some of the more outlandish and offensive ones, I will not document them lest I drive more traffic to the authors' websites".....

But he does say this later in his piece:

....."I am skeptical that he could shoot such long, smooth strings with bump-fire stocks. In the time I have spent at ranges, I have never heard anyone get off even a 30-round string with bump fire without many hiccups, much less 100 rounds. But I am not an expert on such accessories, nor have I done extensive testing of them".....

This particular point is one that I have made before!

The we go to the comments beneath the original piece.

Government witholding information:

....."It always does when it involves crimes committed by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Susan Rice or Samantha Power or Lorette Lynch.......It is human nature to try to connect dots, especially when those whose job it is to connect dots in a matter like this, belong to an organization that must by all reason be deemed a criminal one........Once upon a time the FBI fought organized crime; then the FBI became organized crime"......

......"This mass shooting was obviously not done for a normal reason. It is also not likely that it was done for a completely crazy reason, considering the level of planning involved. That leaves the ideological reason and it is becoming increasingly apparent that the authorities are trying to hide the real motivations for being politically inconvenient. The fact that the FBI has become a rogue pro globalist agency doesn't exactly help with the level of confidence in this inquiry, hence all conspiracy theories swirling around. The real reason for all these conspiracy theories is that people have completely lost their trust in government".......

....."In order to believe that deep state had a hand in this, or any other of the conspiracied serial murders (Sandy Hook, 9-11, Florida Gay Bar Shooting), one would have to believe that the deep state is willing to kill many innocents to pursue their goals. My question (and for full disclosure, I am not sold on any of the above conspiracy theories) is do we believe that our government would murder its own citizenry to further its own goals? The easy answer is YES"......

....."Then there is the question of why 23 firearms in the room. 2-4 might make sense, not 23".......

Great question! Why would ONE shooter need 23 guns? How many can he fire at one time? All of these weapons have detachable mags....all one has to do is to change the magazine.....not the gun! Jeez!

......"One of the narratives they are offering is that the shooter was so clever that he used casinos as his private ATM machine. That is nearly impossible, mostly because gambling is a zero sum game. For somebody to win (Pollack), somebody has to lose (the casino management), again and again and again.......I'm speculating that his source of income was somewhere else, probably having to do with owning two planes. I will also speculate that if he has been flying either of those two planes lately, he is not taking strong prescription drugs......If the FBI would merely supply a plausible explanation of where this mass murderer was getting his money, that would go a long way to explaining this........But maybe the FBI wouldn't want us to know".......

The casinos monitor everyone who games there. If you win an extraordinary amount of money, on a regular basis (5 mil/yr) you will quietly be asked NOT to return. They have many people watching video security cameras 24 hrs a day looking for exactly this kind of stuff. They can ask anyone to leave their premises that they wish....and do indeed do that often!

......."And when we know there would be no speculation on the part of the authorities and MSM if he was a republican and shot up a rap concert, yet now we still "can't find a motive" after a week, well yeah people are going to speculate.......You say he might have had 100 round drums, well let's see them. Why withhold that bit of info? Where is all the brass? Has anyone in "law enforcement" collected and counted it yet? What about the ISIS connection? What about bullet trajectories on the dead and injured? Why did he have explosives in his car? What did his "girlfriend" tell the FBI? Where is she?.......Seems to me that the only conspiracy is between the gubmint and MSM to make this event "go away." Nothing to see here, move on, if you don't you're a conspiracy kook. Yeah that always works!"......

Well you don't need to be all that smart to see the underlying cause that is driving all the conspiracy theories.

American citizens believe there are two systems of justice, one for the politically connected and another for the rest of us. American citizens believe they are being lied to 24 hrs a day by both their government.....and the media whores who pimp for them! This will only grow in intensity until NONE of us citizens believe one word they say.

What's that you say? We are already there??

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