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Pope Francis is in trouble
09-24-2017, 06:06 PM
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Pope Francis is in trouble
Poor Pope Francis is getting bad he not closer to god as in the descendent of Saint Peter?

Auditor claims Vatican axed him for probing illegal activity
The Vatican's former auditor general who resigned in June told a newspaper there were high ranking figures who were seeking to scupper Pope Francis's financial reform efforts (AFP Photo/MASSIMO SESTINI)
Rome (AFP) - The Vatican's former auditor general, who resigned without explanation in June, said Sunday he was forced out after his investigations into possible illegal activity hit too close to home.
"Let me be clear: I did not voluntarily resign. I was threatened with arrest," Libero Milone said in an interview conducted with four media outlets including Italy's Corriere della Sera daily.
The auditing whizz, who spent much of his career with the audit firm Deloitte & Touche and was hired to much fanfare in 2015, said high-ranking figures in the Vatican wanted to scupper Pope Francis's financial reform efforts.
"I fear very sorry for the pope. I had a splendid, indescribable relationship with him, but over the last 18 months they stopped me seeing him. Obviously they didn't want me telling him about some of the things I'd seen," he said.
While a non-disclosure agreement prevents him from giving details of the irregularities he uncovered, Milone suggested his troubles began when he hired an outside firm to check whether the computers of his team had been bugged.
When he was hired Vatican officials said he would be "completely independent" and would have the power to look through the books of every department in the tiny city state, reporting only to the pope.
But he was accused of using the outside firm to spy on Vatican officials, Milone said.
"They accused me of having improperly looked for information on Vatican members. I found out they had been investigating me for seven months," he added.
"I was only doing my job".
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09-25-2017, 06:43 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
This ultra-liberal pope is losing it just like liberals are all over the world.

Can't believe the catholic church would have put this guy in charge.

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09-25-2017, 09:31 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
The current Pope is a good example of a religious leader (or even a religious layperson) letting man's culture conform his thinking and views, instead of letting God transform his thinking and views.
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09-25-2017, 07:23 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
Me non practicing catholic.
I tried about 10 years ago to convince the local parishioners: Hey, we do not have the 10 commandments on display, that is our guidance....only 10 simple guidelines....we should have them in front of us....we should have our young people exposed to that guidance. LIke, thou shalt not lie.
I was thinking KISS.....Keep It Simple Stupid.
What I got back interest.
Translation: We the Catholics agreed to abandon the Christian principles.
Decisions have consequences.
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10-07-2017, 05:38 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble,-bodies

The pope and catholics still don’t know how to handle the pedos in their midst. Most of them are confused…some are not.
To wit:
These folks are saying no way should the Vatican be in charge of investigating themselves.

“It is astonishing that those problems were not only swept under the rug at this conference, but treated as qualifications for sponsoring the event,” said Terence McKiernan of Bishop Accountability, an online resource of the abuse scandal.
The victims group SNAP concurred: “The Vatican should not be leading this summit. They should be the target of this summit.”

Whereas the Vatican is saying see….we are demonstrating leadership and concern…let us take care of it. We will bring the perps inside the Vatican walls and spend some time investigating until you useful idiots move onto the next world crises offered up by the media.

“Francis said he wanted each of them to remember that children look to adults, with light in their eyes and trust in their heart, to protect them.
“What are we doing to make sure they are not robbed of this light, to ensure that those eyes will not be darkened and corrupted by what they will find on the internet?”

The Pontifical Gregorian University drew plaudits for hosting the conference and bringing together a remarkable spectrum of specialists to discuss a little-reported issue. Victims’ advocates and other groups nevertheless pointed to the church’s many cases of priests convicted of having child porn, and church authorities who covered up for them.

Discuss...."to discuss? Discuss a....."little-reported issue?" Where tha hell are the Jesuits!??? The ones that seek the truth.

Up to 50 witnesses for Cardinal Pell sex abuse hearing

Up to 50 witnesses could be called to a hearing in March to determine if there is enough evidence for Vatican finance chief Cardinal George Pell to stand trial on sex abuse charges, a court heard on Friday.
The 76-year-old, a top adviser to Pope Francis, is accused of multiple historical sexual offences relating to incidents that allegedly occurred long ago.
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11-19-2017, 09:54 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
To all the present and former Catholic parishioners, of which I am one. The pope is one misguided leader who is either misinformed or delusional. See below.

"In his landmark 2015 environmental encyclical, Francis said global warming is “mainly” due to human activity and he called for fossil fuels to be progressively phased out without delay."

"Pope Francis rebukes 'perverse' climate change deniers over rejection of science behind global warming"

"Pontiff encourages policymakers to accelerate their efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions at Bonn summit"

"Pope Francis has rebuked those who deny the science behind global warming and urged negotiators at climate talks in Germany to avoid falling prey to such “perverse attitudes” and instead accelerate efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.'

This sounds like the equivalent of Hillary calling those who disagree with her… “deplorable”….that would be me. Disagree with me and I will call you a name!

"In his message, the Argentine pope denounced that efforts to combat climate change are often frustrated by those who deny the science behind it or are indifferent to it, those who are resigned to it or think it can be solved by technical solutions, which he termed “inadequate.”

If you go to the link you will see the photo of the pope blessing a car…a Lamborghini….is that not blessing a carbon polluting device?
Hypocrisy personified.

Scientific Critique of USGCRP’s 2017 Climate Science Special Report

The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is a joint program of 13 U.S. national government agencies charged with developing a program to “understand, assess, predict, and respond to” global climate change. It produces reports to Congress every four years titled “National Climate Assessment.” The three reports released to date have all exaggerated the amount of global warming, the human role in that warming, the negative impacts of the same, and the certainty of the science surrounding the causes and consequences of climate change.

The latest (June 28) draft of the Fourth National Climate Assessment is similarly flawed. This brief critique makes ten points which track the content and organization of the assessment:
Here is one of them….
“9. The report misrepresents scenarios and computer-based simulations of future climate conditions as scientific forecasts of future climate conditions, when in fact it is well known among scientists that future climates cannot be predicted. Prof. Scott Armstrong, the world’s leading authority on scientific forecasting, and coauthors have shown conclusively that the predictions made by the IPCC, EPA, and other government agencies are merely the opinions of some experts, not scientific forecasts, and cannot provide a reliable basis for public policy.”

So, in the mean time, the catholics can’t seem to fix that homosexual abusing inside the Vatican walls….still.

November 18, 2017 / 10:58 AM / Updated a day ago

Vatican says investigating alleged abuser who became priest
Reuters Staff
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican said on Saturday it had opened an investigation into reports that a former teenage altar boy, who allegedly repeatedly forced a dormitory mate to have sex with him, went on to become a priest.

The pre-seminary is a residence inside the Vatican for altar boys who serve at masses in St. Peter’s Basilica mostly presided over by priests, bishops and cardinals. At times they also participate in papal liturgies.
The reports said that despite complaints to superiors against the teenager, he was accepted into what is known as a major seminary when he became an adult. He was later ordained a priest and is now serving in a parish in northern Italy, they said.

A new investigation had been opened following the latest reports in order to try to shed “full light on what really happened”, it added.

New York's Catholic church seeks $100m loan to pay sexual abuse victims

That is an ‘m’ as in Million. That is in one as in ‘1’ state in the US.
Archdiocese filed a petition for a mortgage on land it owns behind St Patrick’s cathedral to fund its compensation program for people abused by priests

"The Catholic church has grappled for years with complaints from around the world that some of its clergy sexually abused children. On Wednesday, the last remaining survivor of abuse serving on the Vatican’s three-year-old Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors quit her position, blaming “shameful” resistance from church officials."
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11-20-2017, 08:37 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
I have always wondered just how this man got elected Pope, in one of the most conservative churches in the world!

I wonder sometimes if his election was rigged with Soros money or something. The whole thing was fishy as all get out. I have been following those "elections" since Pope John 23 and it usually takes some time. This guy was elected quicker than Hillary was made the Dems choice.


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11-24-2017, 06:49 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
So Francis, tell us again what you think about.....lets see….oh, the wall. The wall on the Mexican border where those sex traffickers come over here and ply their trade. You got your wall around the Vatican, right?

Or maybe….global warming where you denigrate those professional members of the scientific community who want to have a dialogue using scientific principals, like put the data on the table and stop the name calling.

Oh, I know. Tell us Francis what you, representing the catholic church, think about planned parent hood selling fetal tissue. Aint easy is it?

Their testimony prompted the Vatican to announce Nov. 18 that it was reopening an investigation into the case because "new elements" had emerged. The Vatican said it wanted to "shine full light on what really happened."

Before the Vatican acted, the Opera Don Folci lashed out at the ex-students' allegations in a statement on its website, calling them "mud," a "violent attack on the church" and nothing more than "calumny and falsifications."

A lawyer representing the Don Folci association, Riccardo Rolando Riccardi, wrote to at least one former student that he was preparing a criminal defamation case in Rome's tribunal "for the alleged crime committed by the divulgation of news to the press about alleged acts of sexual assault that allegedly occurred" in the seminary.

According to the letter dated Nov. 17, which was seen by The Associated Press, Riccardi instructed the ex-student to come in for questioning or face interrogation by Rome prosecutors.

Riccardi didn't respond to an email seeking comment. None of the phone numbers listed for his firm online was functional.
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12-21-2017, 08:00 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble

“Reforming Rome is like cleaning the Egyptian sphinxes with a toothbrush,” Francis told cardinals, bishops and priests who work for him on Thursday. “You need patience, dedication and delicacy.”

The pope is starting to get it.

1. Your organization is corrupt and you need to drain the swamp…same as the president of the United States that you criticized for wanting a wall between Mexico….like the wall you have around the Vatican. You get that now, right?
2. Carbon dioxide has nothing to do with global warming which is not occurring even though your advisers changed the name to climate change. Dump that ill-conceived concern.
3. You got high ranking staff members defending pedophiles in your organization….fix that.
Good luck.
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01-01-2018, 09:10 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble

Zmirak: Pope Francis Should Repent or Else Resign
by Breitbart News1 Jan 2018312

1 Jan, 2018 1 Jan, 2018

In his 2018 wish list, John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream and author of the new Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, writes that he hopes Pope Francis “repents or else resigns” this year.

From The Stream:
Pope Francis has done more to divide Catholics than any pope in 150 years. He has clouded the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Francis has thrown out the clear, recent teaching of two of his immediate predecessors — which echoed Church practice and preaching for 2000 years. He has politicized the papacy, using its bully pulpit to further crudely crafted left-wing talking points on everything from the economy to immigration to climate science. He has marginalized and punished his critics, to the point that a new book calls him the “Dictator Pope.” Now he’s defending his handpicked lieutenant, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. That Honduran leftist (and anti-Semite) is accused of massive corruption that benefited him personally, to the tune of $40,000 per month. Other favorites of Pope Francis include the disgraced Belgian Cardinal Wilfrid Daneels — who was caught on tape trying to silence a sex abuse victim — and LGBT advocate Fr. James Martin, SJ.

In the best case scenario, Pope Francis will see the error of his ways, and spend the rest of his pontificate undoing the damage he’s wrought. Failing that, he should imitate the example of Pope Benedict XVI and admit that he can no longer lead the Church. He should resign, and open a political institute based in Buenos Aires. Something tells me George Soros would fund it.
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