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Getting Old and powder that is
02-08-2017, 07:06 PM
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Getting Old and powder that is
When the winter sets in and I don't want to get to paying last years income taxes, I usually dust off the loading bench and try to remember how to roll my own.

In a previous thread I think Kenny asked if they still make Unique and yes they do and it is a good powder. It is amazing how many powders they make these days and I just don't shoot enough to keep up with it all.

And that brings me to my point currently about getting old and old powders.

I think back in 1976 or 78, a friend of mine and I went in on a 8 lb keg of 700x, we split it 50/50, we were shooting a fair amount of 12 gauge back then and the cost of components was peanuts compared to factory shells and now components.

We used up a good amount of it, a lb or two, but as we became more established, the cost of a box of Remington or Winchesters store bought shells, became meaningless when vs the time using a lee loader to crank out hulls for a impromptu skeet shoot.

So, I had about 2 to 3 pounds of 700x, when I stopped loading for shotguns.

But the great thing about many shotgun powders is that they are well adapted for handgun loads, unique, 700x etc.

I loaded up some 9 mm rounds the other day and what powder do you think I chose? 700x

Smells fresh, shoots great

I've got a lb of discontinued powders from the 50's, that still smells ok.

Interesting though I had a can of IMR 4350 that went bad 5 years after I bought it, must have sat on a loading dock in the blazing sun or who knows why.
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02-09-2017, 08:00 PM
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RE: Getting Old and powder that is
Useful skills are timeless. I wondered about the shelf life of powder kept dry and in the dark for long periods of time. If needed, load a couple of shells and see if they go bang, I guess.

I haven't loaded for years, but I know how. That has to be worth something.
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