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America's Pravda on display
09-27-2016, 02:13 AM (This post was last modified: 09-27-2016 02:14 AM by Mike G.)
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America's Pravda on display

Flight 800 from NY to Paris
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09-27-2016, 08:59 AM
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RE: America's Pravda on display
One of my favorite topics and one I have written about often, over the years since it happened.

A CIVILIAN airline tragedy and the NTSB takes a back seat to the FBI???

The New York Times was appointed as the "official voice of the US government" on this story??????

This took place during Bubba's run for his second term!!

A New York National Guard Huey helicopter was within a couple miles of the plane when it exploded. The pilot, a Viet Nam vet said the explosion was not the dull orange of fuel jet fuel but the brilliant WHITE light of ordnance, as he had seen lots of it in country. He was never interviewed...and threatened with loss of military pension if he did NOT shut his mouth!!

There has NEVER been an explosion of an empty jet fuel tank in a flying aircraft. In a test they made one explode, in a junked aircraft, on the ground. Had to put propane in the tank to make it happen. Jet fuel has low volatility, and much lower as the temperature drops as the aircraft climbs to altitude!!

My favorite theory is that there was a new anti-missle missle being developed that would detect an incoming enemy missle, from surrounding civil aircraft. This had been tested off of Hawaii, in a very quiet area, for some time. Shortly before this happened testing moved to the east coast of the USA so it could be tested in real conditions. A test missle was launched from the eastern end of Long Island, towards NYC and the anti-missle missle was launched from a US navy ship to intercept but locked onto flight 800 by mistake. Of course nobody who works for government would ever want to have to admit that so we have the coverup.

James Kallstrom of the FBI headed the investigation. He knows what really happened. I don't know how he can live with himself with all these deaths and he knows the truth!

Writer Jack Cashill has written books on this subject and dozens of articles. His wife was a TWA employee at that time and personally knew many who died in the explosion. The two of them obtained some seat fabric, out of the hangar where the reconstruction took place, that supposedly contained chemical residue from a solid fuel rocket motor. They were arrested and forced to give it back before adequate testing could be done on it!

All kinds of stuff by Jack Cashill on Google

It is worth some time reading just to see the level of corruption that exists in the halls of power in America! And it's much much worse today!

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