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Unions obsolete under Fascism
07-13-2016, 12:09 PM
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Unions obsolete under Fascism
In the Model of Fascism as found in Mussolini's Doctrine of Fascism, unions are obsolete because everything orbits around the state.

Quote:The Fascist State is, however, a unique and original creation. It is not reactionary but revolutionary, for it anticipates the solution of certain universal problems which have been raised elsewhere, in the political field by the splitting up of parties, the usurpation of power by parliaments, the irresponsibility of assemblies; in the economic field by the increasingly numerous and important functions discharged by trade unions and trade associations with their disputes and ententes, affecting both capital and labor; in the ethical field by the need felt for order, discipline, obedience to the moral dictates of patriotism.

Fascism desires the State to be strong and organic, based on broad foundations of popular support. The Fascist State lays claim to rule in the economic field no less than in others; it makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of its corporative, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the nation, organized in their res­pective associations, circulate within the State. A State based on millions of individuals who recognize its authority, feel its action, and are ready to serve its ends is not the tyrannical state of a mediaeval lordling. It has nothing in common with the despotic States existing prior to or subsequent to 1789. - quoted from Mussolini's Doctrine of fascism

The State makes bargains with private industry in exchange for redistribution of public funds which takes over the role of the union. The state bargains for higher payrolls (higher income taxes for the state's coffers) top of the line benefit packages and health care to be provided by the the private corporation in exchange for the state arranging for public money to capitalize ownership of private industry and to cover the training costs, taxes and other operating expenses of private industry.- Everything orbits within the State!

Here is how that is stated in LePage's 2013 failed jobs bill- which was reported in the Maine press as a "Right To Work" issue with Democrats claiming it would lower wages- although the Democrats know that isn't true since they have been writing the deals for the "targeted sector for years and LePages job's bill just put the Pine Tree Zone tax credits on steroids. Its the same deal but bigger and meaner and more costly to the "untargeted sector" which foots the bill ! I suspect no on ewanted to pass Lepage's jon's bill because they were pissed off at him for sabotaging the billions of dollars Statoil deal which did not involve the corporate welfare system.

Quote: 7. Qualified employee. "Qualified employee" means a person:
A. Who is a full-time employee of a certified or qualified applicant;
B. Whose income from employment under paragraph A is taxable under chapter 803;
C. For whom a retirement program is provided subject to the federal Employee
Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, 29 United States Code, Sections 101 to 1461, as amended;
D. For whom health insurance is available; and
E. Whose income calculated on a calendar year basis is greater than the per capita annual income in the State as determined by the United States Department of

"Qualified Employees" mean qualified as one of the 1500 employees that was the bargaining arrangement Lepage proposed with private industry- in exchange for which they would receive the Pine Tree Zone styled tax exemptions which would set them up for the Seed Capital Tax Credit "Refundable tax credits" as a cash pay out from taxpayers to private industry- EXCEPT for the fact that the Legislature failed to make the Expanded and Improved Seed Capital Tax Credit "impactful enough" to include businesses delivering 1500 "targeted sector employees" meeting the above definition.

With the state arranging deals like this- there is no need for unions. The whole "Right To Work " issue is a sham. Unions only usually come into play with larger companies and they are usually on the corporate welfare payroll in Maine-that means the state arranges deals like this. It also means the Maine tax payer is subsidizing the upper crust of Maine's economy. That might explain why the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer ever since the Legislature deemed that centrally managing the economy is an "essential government function" and it must be done by "public private relationships" which in a nutshell is the structure of fascism as outlined in Mussolini's Doctrine of Fascism. The method of instituting fascism used in Italy was the same as the method that is being implemented in Maine- over writing the Constitution with statutory law.
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