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Milestones and Changes
08-09-2015, 07:44 PM
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Milestones and Changes
51 years ago tonight we were on our honeymoon in a cabin on a Maine Lake. Tonight we are still on our honeymoon in our cabin on a Maine Lake. Back then you could sleep in the bedrooms over the boathouse over the lake. It didn't harm the lake at all and the bass liked it in the boathouse. Back then you could build a camp on the shore with a deck out over the water. That didn't harm the lake. Our camp is 22 feet back from the lake and it doesn't harm our lake. You can't see our camp from the lake except at night when the lights are on.

We are losing Maine people and Maine camps faster than they we are gaining them. Plum Creek has been allowed to build one camp per year, per township, in the land they own for the next 50 years. That is much less than the number of camps lost due to abandonment, fire and eminent domain. As I said, we are losing our camps and our people. We are losing a way of life. We have lost the institutional memories of both political parties and in our legislature. We elders are writing down what we have lost in the hope that our grandchildren will take it back. Nobody is going to give us back what we have lost. It will be necessary to take it back.
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08-09-2015, 10:09 PM
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RE: Milestones and Changes
When I was a boy my family used to spend some time every spring, in a small log cabin on Green Lake in Ellsworth. The place had a fine log lodge and about a dozen rustic cabins around the park. Every camp, naturally, had a privy. Folks today shudder at the thought of all of that of course believing that the old two-holer was one of the worst things that human kind ever came up with. Strangely enough they can't understand that the waste biodegraded right under that privy and did NOT leach into the ground water at all. They cannot think that this very old fashioned way of dealing with human waste was far easier on the environment that today's method of taking 3 ozs of human waste, mixing it with four gallons of water and running it into the ground where it can flow right into the water table.

Some people are nowhere near as smart as they think they are!

My ancestors, using perfectly natural methods, could preserve meat and fish so that it lasted for years, without refrigeration. Today the wizards tell us that all that salt is bad for humans. They never tell us that every living animal NEEDS salt as a part of it's diet!

Some people are nowhere near as smart as they think they are!

For a while now our country has been firmly in the hands of those who actually know far LESS than our ancestors did......but have convinced themselves that they are far smarter than those old folks ever could have been.

One of these days I hope somebody can show them the error of their ways...whatever that takes.

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08-10-2015, 11:20 AM
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RE: Milestones and Changes
When memory keeps me company and moves to smile or tears,
A weather-beaten object looms through the mist of years,
Behind the house and barn it stood, a half a mile or more,
And hurrying feet a path had made, straight to its swinging door.
Its architecture was a type of simple classic art,
But in the tragedy of life it played a leading part.
And oft the passing traveler drove slow and heaved a sigh,
To see the modest hired girl slip out with glances shy.

We had our posey garden that the women loved so well;
I loved it too, but better still I loved the stronger smell
That filled the evening breezes so full of homely cheer,
And told the night-o'ertaken tramp that human life was near.
On lazy August afternoons it made a little bower
Delightful, where my grandsirer sat and whiled away an hour.
For there the summer mornings, its very cares entwined,
And berry bushes reddened in the streaming soil behind.

All day fat spiders spun their webs to catch the buzzing flies
That flitted to and from the house, where Ma was baking pies;
And once a swarm of hornets bold had built their palace there,
And stung my unsuspecting Aunt -- I must not tell you where.
My father took a flaming pole -- that was a happy day --
He nearly burned the building up, but the hornets left to stay.
When summer bloom began to fade and winter to carouse,
We banked the little building with a heap of hemlock boughs.

But when the crust is on the snow and sullen skies were gray,
Inside the building was no place where one could wish to stay.
We did our duties promptly, there one purpose swayed the mind;
We tarried not, nor lingered long, on what we left behind.
The torture of the icy seat would make a Spartan sob,
For needs must scrape the flesh with a lacerating cob,
That from a frost-encrusted nail suspended from a string --
My father was a frugal man and wasted not a thing.

When Grandpa had to "go out back" and make his morning call,
We'd bundle up the dear old man with a muffler and a shawl.
I knew the hole on which he sat -- 'twas padded all around,
And once I tried to sit there -- 'twas all too wide I found,
My loins were all too little, and I jack-knifed there to stay,
They had to come and get me out, or I'd have passed away,
My father said ambition was a thing that boys should shun,
And I just used the children's hole 'til childhood days were done.

And still I marvel at the craft that cut those holes so true,
The baby's hole, and the slender hole that fitted Sister Sue,
That dear old country landmark; I tramped around a bit,
And in the lap of luxury my lot has been to sit,
But ere I die I'll eat the fruits of trees I robbed of yore,
Then seek the shanty where my name is carved upon the door.
I ween that old familiar smell will soothe my jaded soul,
I'm now a man, but none the less I'll try the children's hole.

by James Whitcomb Riley

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