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02-24-2014, 09:51 PM
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DIPSTICK TEST FOR MEN – put together by female divorce attorneys because all men chirp furiously like birds in the morning flashing their plumage for the sole purpose of getting you into their nests. Women therefore have to look beyond all these sounds and sights in order to get the true measure of the man.

They have to ignore the charming sales pitch and always check the oil dipstick because low or bad oil means bad car no matter how sharp looking the car is. Take it for a spin if you like but don’t buy it.

This is a five point analysis for finding out about men, i.e. are they good, bad or troublesome:

1. Is he Violent or Controlling? Has/does he hit you, scream at you and or physically menace or restrain you? If so run for your life because he doesn’t love you and he can’t. Control isn’t love!

2. Does he use/abuse Drugs or Alcohol and or Smoke or use Tobacco? Even if only casually and or “recreationally” because typically such use/abuse spirals out of control over time. And smoking is included here because tobacco is a gateway drug to other drugs. People who smoke are also addicts and like all addicts are self-medicating for depression and or anxiety disorders which are genetic and so can be passed on to your children. Fact that he smokes, drinks or does drugs doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, it just means he loves you less than his addictions and so he will always put his needs ahead of yours and your children’s if you (God forbid!) have them.

Case Example: Pretty 30 year old married woman with two small children walks into Divorce Lawyer’s office seeking mediation (not divorce) services because she wants to repair her marriage to her husband who was an Attorney himself who smoked cigarettes regularly.

A week earlier her husband fell asleep in his easy chair and unintentionally dropped his lit cigarette which started a fire that burned out the entire living room of their house.

No one was injured but this was a culmination of prior events, i.e. he was always falling asleep at night in his easy chair with a lit cigarette in his mouth despite his wife’s repeated warnings that he needed to stop doing that. It then occurred to this wife that he always just does what he wants to do even if it endangers her and the kids hence her request for mediation.

However the Divorce Lawyer advised against mediation and strongly urged divorce! Shocked the wife asked why because they still loved each other and he was a good father and provider, in fact he never missed work and all their bills were paid.

But the Divorce Lawyer said: “Leopards don’t change their spots!” That is he didn’t just become self-centered and addicted overnight, he was always this way but the wife did not see the signs (the five points) which like oil dipsticks in cars are always there because love is blind, i.e. she was always in denial about him. The Divorce Lawyer predicted that he was not likely to change his


ways so why wait for the next fire that may be inescapable. Wife needed to put herself and her children first because her husband couldn’t and wouldn’t: “, honor and cherish” her.

Wife initially ignored this advice but a week later came back to the Divorce Lawyer and authorized Divorce proceedings against her husband because he was still falling asleep at night in the house with lit cigarettes in his mouth despite the previous fire.

Wife saw the light and divorced him much to his dismay. Being a lawyer himself he aggressively litigated his side of the divorce and custody proceedings but the Court Judge ruled against him citing the best interest of the children evidentiary standard, i.e. not in best interest of kids to be with father who caused house fire with them in it. Therefore all his visitations had to be supervised unless he sought and received psychological counseling for his addictive disorder.

To his credit after the Divorce was finalized he completed long term psychological counseling over a period of years and was able finally to give up cigarette smoking with his physician’s assistance. He is no longer angry at his ex-wife for the Divorce and properly blames himself.
They have each remarried but at least have an amicable relationship regarding their children.

He even has re-established a professional relationship with his ex-wife’s Divorce Lawyer because he finally realized that this Divorce Lawyer had done what he couldn’t and wouldn’t do himself, i.e. put his wife and kids first! Altruism is after all the opposite of solipsism.

3. Is he personality disordered? If so run for your life! There are many kinds of psychological and emotional personality disorders that both men and women have that aren’t always readily apparent but if you pay attention you can see them because in any close or intimate relationship you will experience them! In short if you think or suspect there is something wrong, there is.

The three main personality disorders to watch out for are:

a) Narcissistic Personality Disorder – there is much research on this and profiling by Psychiatrists and Psychologists such as by M. Scott Peck, MD who authored the best seller “People of the Lie” to better understand human evil. Dr. Peck gives several case study examples of his own patients and from there drew a profile for how to recognize these sick personality types. Note there are varying degrees of this Disorder from seemingly minor (passive aggressive cigarette smoker in above example) to very serious (sociopaths).

In short a narcissist is someone who can only ever love himself (or herself), not you or anyone else. They are very dishonest, treacherous and often adulterous and into drugs!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill play two obvious ones in the movie Wolf of Wall Street.

You can’t change them - you can only learn to identify them and stay away!


b) Latent Homosexual Personality Disorder – in short macho men who are always trying to over compensate for their subconscious doubts about their own sexuality. These guys are almost almost always rude, crude loud mouths who really prefer the company of other men and are often taking unnecessary chances with their life and yours, i.e. driving car too fast because they “know” what they’re doing. They are only going out with you and or marrying you as proof to themselves and others that they’re not gay but they really are. They typically go into police and military professions and often boast openly to others about their sexual conquest of you and have open contempt for real gay men even suspecting other non-macho men of being gay. And while there are troubled men who know they are gay but unfortunately marry a woman anyway living a repressed or double life and so should be avoided by women as long term husband material, the latent homosexual (who is also often times a narcissist to boot) is another kettle of fish that you need to run for your life from.

Case Example: Parents of a beautiful 20 year old daughter came into a Lawyer’s office for advice on her troublesome 24 year old boyfriend who they want to sue for damages. Turns out this boy “friend” convinced their naïve daughter to let him film one of their sex sessions. He claimed to her then it would only ever be for their intimate viewing only.

He lied because soon thereafter he (without her prior permission or consent) posted the film on the internet for his male friends and the whole wide world to see bragging in his typed adjunct narrative to the film that this was his (unnamed) beautiful blonde girlfriend having hard core sex with him. Not surprisingly he doesn’t film his own face in this sexual romp but only hers thereby protecting his privacy all the while expensing hers.

The Lawyer advised that this man is evil like a treacherous pimp and subconsciously gay (because why the need to prove to the world that he was heterosexual?) and so their daughter needs to run for her life but as a practical matter to not bother suing him because it would only attract more attention to the matter and that she should instead just transfer back home from her out of state college and deny she is in the film should anyone ever ask.

c) Miser/Spendthrift Personality Disorders – these men value their money more than their time and are beyond being merely frugal. They really are incapable of enjoying themselves and will make your own life miserable versus the spendthrift who is inclined to live beyond his means spending more than he has on himself and you giving you the illusion of generosity prior to getting the eviction or foreclosure notice. See discussion below on credit reports!

4. Is he generally stupid and or not that bright? As the female of our species you have a gate keeper’s responsibility not to knowingly pass on stupidity or disability (all inheritable traits) to the next generation. Whether a man is bright or not should be readily discernable in your observations and conversations with him over a short period of time provided you are bright


yourself. For instance, guys who have tattooed their former girlfriend’s name on their body aren’t very bright because they can’t think beyond the present given their smaller brains.

If you want to have children with a man then you want that man to be able to think long term because children and family are long term and so require seeing and planning ahead for future contingencies, i.e. education, habitation, etc. Smart guys can do this, stupid guys can’t.

5. Any Criminal History and Credit Report on him? If you have his full name, birth date and Social Security number you should be able to Google his criminal history or reports of same. And Credit Reports only cost about $75.00 and they’re worth every penny! Because marrying a man is a lot like giving him a job…because marriage is work. Therefore if you would run a credit report on a potential employee or tenant why not for a mate? Credit Reports will show a good or bad credit even bankruptcy history in terms of: has he been paying his bills when they come due? If he hasn’t been then what makes you think he is going to pay your bills when they come due? So go and get the credit report because just taking your girlfriend’s word about him can prove perilous.

Closing Comments:

This Five Point Analysis Test for finding out about men provides a basic platform of observation about personality types that can be and are detrimental to the health and well-being of women. It doesn’t ask questions like is he good in bed, because while very important that’s not an immutable characteristic and so can be a learned behavior with teaching and instruction (one of the few areas where women can change men for the better).

However, a man’s bio-chemistry and personality disorder cannot be changed.

If he farts in bed then it means he doesn’t put your comforts and concerns ahead of his.

So once an addict or an a$$hole: always an addict or an a$$hole (who will never put you first).

The overarching narrative throughout this exercise is spotting dishonesty and liabilities because once children are born women become less mobile and so more vulnerable to detrimental control, poverty and abandonment.
Mutual altruistic love and support are key factors in having a successful marriage or long term relationship and so it behooves women to pay attention to these serious signs or red flags which are always there if you just look for them because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of divorce or break up cure.

That is open the hood and check out the dipstick.

And take that good looking bad boy for a spin around the block if you like but don’t buy him.
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02-25-2014, 06:02 AM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2014 06:02 AM by Ugene.)
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Who really is the dipstick here?

Is it considered a conspiracy if they really are after you?Huh
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02-25-2014, 09:19 AM
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Talk about dipsticks! Why did Sonny bother to waste the band width to post this b*llsh*t which is nothing more than a male-bashing screed?

I believe somewhere in the Bible it is written, "Let she who hast not farted in bed cast the first stone."
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02-25-2014, 09:29 AM
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Wow, that was one of the worst written, mind-numbing, assumption-driven pieces of drivel I've read in a LONG time. I am now dumber for having read it.

The writers are clearly narcissist megalomaniac's using such generalities to reach their conclusions.

Just another reason feminists shouldn't be assumed as 'experts'.
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02-25-2014, 01:44 PM
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(02-25-2014 09:29 AM)Abacus Wrote:  Wow, that was one of the worst written, mind-numbing, assumption-driven pieces of drivel I've read in a LONG time. I am now dumber for having read it. The writers are clearly narcissist megalomaniac's using such generalities to reach their conclusions. Just another reason feminists shouldn't be assumed as 'experts'.

I got this piece from a conservative Republican divorce lawyer.

She and some of her colleagues put it together as a cautionary tale...

Based upon hundreds of failed marriages & relationships they've seen.

So their conclusions were based upon hard facts they observed.

And like grammar school teachers predicting future criminals...

They could predict which marriages & relationships wouldn't last.

But hey if you want your daughters to date & marry obvious trash...

Then have at it.

Otherwise pass this information along.
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02-25-2014, 01:54 PM
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I would say that the ladies who wrote this, would give a young man some pretty good reasons for being a bachelor.

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02-25-2014, 03:14 PM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2014 03:19 PM by Abacus.)
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Horsehockey they were 'conservative', not buying it. Not with all the generalizations, innuendo, and false interpretations in the piece. Feminists to the core they are, and it shows with glaring obviousness. And this is not 'information', it's indoctrination.

"Grammar school teachers predicting future criminals"....where do you find this stuff? So someone who has no predictive background and an education in grammar can tell who will become a criminal? Maybe they should be part of the 'future crimes' division and prosecute people before the crime actually happens. That is, after all, what you're advocating.

My parents both smoked for over 40 years, which was the norm for back then. They have been married for almost 50 years now and are still completely devoted to one another. I guess they should get a divorce since they're so shallow, despite neither one smoking anymore. I am so shallow I go on bicycle rides and hikes, sometimes without my wife....oh, the horror!

According to them, people cannot change, so I guess we should just execute all criminals since there is no hope for rehabilitation [we should start with the lawyers and politicians].

Passing gas in bed is a sign of being comfortable with one another, not that you are putting yourself above someone else. What nonsense in the piece.

I guess being fiscally responsible and frugal is now a character flaw, one who has such is destined to a life of loneliness? Boy, I'm glad I didn't know that earlier or I wouldn't have married my wife and she wouldn't have married me.

Even tattooing someone's name on your arm shows a devotion, not a lack of judgement. Jeez, way to completely skew and look at the negative in everything.

No, these women lawyers were not conservative in any sense of the word. They are bitter, misogynistic people who feel the need to debase people and look for excuses to ruin lives. I feel sorry they feel their superior need to brainwash people for destructive purposes.
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02-25-2014, 04:29 PM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2014 04:36 PM by Sonny Laymatina.)
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Me thinks you protest too much!

Having worked in prisons I met a lot of guys who had these red flags.

They were violent, dishonest and often times drug or alcohol addicted.

Granted they were extreme cases...but a lot of free men fit the bill too.

Wife beaters, drunks, fools, pigs and liars.

So nothing wrong with females telling females how to watch out.

And they didn't ruin lives....ruined lives came to them via their clients.

Fact that your smoking parents had a successful marriage is anomalous.

And yes dumb tattooed guys can be devoted...but typically not for the long term.

But I at least take your point on the farting.
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02-25-2014, 07:00 PM
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Sonny, I honestly hope you'll reconsider passing most of this "advice" on to any young woman who you care about. Some of these points have a little bit of validity, but others could actually cause a lot of trouble for an uninformed and impressionable listener. For example, do you know how to read a credit report accurately? Do you have any understanding of the psychological and emotional work that goes into the process of quitting smoking or quitting drinking? if you want to offer advice to someone else for genuinely constructive reasons, you might want to consider reading and recommending Dr. Peck's "The Road Less Traveled" instead of rushing to spread around the mass of bitterness that you've described above.
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02-25-2014, 07:07 PM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2014 07:33 PM by Mike G.)
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The fact that Uncle Sammy or Governor Curtis has protected women from such atrocities says a bit as to the promotion of the premise, that men are pigs

We can disagree on the specifics of the rant by Sonny, but fact is look at where our society is now, illegitimate children at an all time high, to even call unmarried-born children as illegitimate is a slur. The idea that homosexuality is not normal and one to be accepted wholesale by society is off the table. The idea that the state will provide, no matter what the man can provide, is another.

The State has taken over control of our children, it considers them, "it takes a village". We have come a long way "Baby" and the father as head of household no longer applies, the state has become that. The state is the father or mother considering the circumstance. They have done such an outstanding job of supplanting the male as head, for the state's benefit, no other.

I guess "it was all worth it".

Really? look at where we are! Are our children, our future, better off when men are considered pigs?

When you subjugate the role of men as head of household you open the doors for government.

I believe that after reading some of Sonny's subsequent posts that he either is just defending his initial post and not responding as to what caused pig men and that must be realized.

Your turn Sonny, can you understand why the present crop of men are pigs?
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