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Pope Francis is in trouble
01-02-2018, 06:54 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
One could say that he is the "Obama" of the Catholic church.

More than a few folks think the "fix was in" re his election. It happened so fast, compared to the others in my lifetime that it almost was like it was "scripted"!

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01-11-2018, 07:59 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble

Heavy stuff for this former catholic…..Get thee behind me francis.

Pope Francis Wants Even More Islamic Invasion of Europe
Francis continued his criticism of immigration opponents as being “guilty” of “demeaning the human dignity due to all as sons and daughters of God.”
A reality check is in order for Francis: the vast majority of migrants are Muslim who are mostly young males. They are not “sons and daughters” of the Christian God and would be, to say the least, a little bit offended as being categorized as such!
Of course, for those who actually pay attention to this cretin, this is nothing new. Since the beginning of his abominable “papacy,” Bergoglio has repeatedly pushed far-out left wing and green causes. What is worse, however, is that Bergoglio is a heretic who has uttered a mind-blowing string of heresies that have disqualified him from being pope of the Catholic Church. Not only has he demonstrated beyond a doubt that he is a heretic, but he cannot be pope on theological grounds. The Argentine Apostate was ordained in the invalid post-Vatican II orders which confer no sacramental grace. He is not a true bishop either since he also was consecrated in the new rite. Bergoglio is simply a layman masquerading as a pope.
Nevertheless, “Pope Francis” has been cheerleading for even greater amounts of immigration, excoriating anyone who opposes him suggesting that such thoughts are “sinful.” He has used the Chair which he illegitimately sits in both an immoral and unhistorical fashion

Sweden: Fourth woman gang raped in two months in migrant bastion of Malmö
The rape occurred on Thursday night and police were alerted by the victim at 1 am, early Friday morning. Police say the rape was classified as a “gross crime” and that the assault followed the same pattern as the previous gang rape.
According to Malmö police president Nils Norling, a report was registered of a “serious rape”, of a victim over 18-years-old.
Police have searched an area in Högaholm with a special dog for semen. The victim was taken to hospital but had no severe injuries.
This is the fourth gang rape in Malmö in less than two months. Media say the first three victims were teenage girls:
The first rape took place on November 4: A girl was raped by several men after a party in Segevång, northern Malmö
Over a week later, a girl was gang raped at a bus stop in Södervärn, central Malmö.
In mid-December, a 17-year-old girl was beaten and raped by several men at a playground in Sofielund in central Malmö.
On 19 december, hundreds took to the streets of the city in southern Sweden to protest, after police told women to stay indoors after dark.
Since at least a decade, Malmö has a serious migrant crime problem and recent reports say the city has at least three no-go zones.
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01-14-2018, 05:06 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
francis is again revealed as protecting pedos.

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The Vatican was so concerned about the fallout from Chile’s most notorious pedophile priest that it planned to ask three Chilean bishops accused of knowing about his decades-long crimes to resign and take a year’s sabbatical — a revelation that comes just days before Pope Francis makes his first visit to Chile as pope.

A confidential 2015 letter from Francis, obtained by The Associated Press, details the behind-the-scenes maneuvering by the Vatican and Chile’s bishops to deal with…… the prelates connected to the disgraced Rev. Fernando Karadima.

And it reveals the bishops’ concern about Francis naming a Karadima protege, Bishop Juan Barros, to the helm of the diocese of Osorno — an appointment that roiled the diocese, with hundreds of priests and lay Catholics staging protests against him.

Chile’s Catholic Church was thrown into crisis in 2010 when former parishioners publicly accused Karadima of sexually abusing them when they were minors, starting in the 1980s — accusations they had made years earlier to Chilean church leaders but that were ignored. The scandal grew as Chilean prosecutors and Vatican investigators took testimony from the victims, who accused Barros and other Karadima proteges of having witnessed the abuse and doing nothing about it.

In his Jan. 31, 2015, letter, written in response to Chilean church leaders’ complaints about the Barros appointment, Francis revealed for the first time that he knew that the issue was controversial and that his ambassador in Chile had tried to find a way to contain the damage well before the case made headlines.

“Thank you for having openly demonstrated the concern that you have about the appointment of Monsignor Juan Barros,” Francis wrote in the letter, addressed to the executive committee of the Chilean bishops’ conference. “I understand what you’re telling me and I’m aware that the situation of the church in Chile is difficult due to the trials you’ve had to undergo.”

Francis told the committee that his ambassador, Monsignor Ivo Scapolo, had asked Barros to resign in 2014 as bishop to Chile’s armed forces, a high-profile post, and had “encouraged him to take a sabbatical year before assuming any other pastoral responsibility as a bishop.”

Barros was told a similar exit strategy had been planned for two other Karadima-trained bishops, but was asked not to share the information, the pope wrote. He said the plan went awry when Barros named the two others in his letter stepping down as military bishop — a development that posed “a serious problem,” and “blocked any eventual path, in the sense of offering a year of sabbatical,” to remove the three from the eye of the storm roiling the Chilean church.

In the end, Francis went through with the appointment of Barros as bishop of Osorno, 600 miles (900 kilometers) south of Santiago.

Francis has since defended Barros, saying the Osorno opposition to him was “stupid,” unfounded and coming from the left. After the uproar over the appointment, the Vatican took the unusual step of defending it publicly by saying the Vatican’s bishops office had “carefully” examined Barros’ record and found no “objective reason” to block the nomination.

( so why francis did your guy Scapolo ask this Barros to resign in 2014 and do a sabbatical year if the opposition was…. ‘stupid’...with no objective reason to block the nomination?)

Juan Carlos Cruz, who says Karadima sexually abused him when he was a teenager in the 1980s, told the AP that Barros and the other bishops Karadima trained were well aware of the abuse and even witnessed it.
He said two of the bishops kissed Karadima “and put their heads on his shoulder and touched him, for 37 years, but now they have forgotten.”
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01-19-2018, 07:51 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
Pope benedict resigned without a full acceptable explanation to the people; then along comes frances practicing first class hypocrisy …lives behind a wall with no muslims in side and slashes out at a Trump wall at the Mex border….and now this in Chile…..

“The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak,” Francis said. “There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”

Is that clear? Bet your ass its clear….

Karadima’s victims reported to church authorities as early as 2002 that he would kiss and fondle them in the swank Santiago parish he ran, but officials refused to believe them. Only when the victims went public with their accusations in 2010 did the Vatican launch an investigation that led to Karadima being removed from ministry.
Francis had defended the appointment before, calling the Osorno controversy “stupid” and the result of a campaign mounted by leftists. But The Associated Press reported last week that the Vatican was so worried about the fallout from the Karadima affair that it was prepared in 2014 to ask Barros and two other Karadima-trained bishops to resign and go on a yearlong sabbatical.
Francis reopened the wounds of the scandal in 2015 when he named Barros, a protege of Karadima, as bishop of the southern diocese of Osorno. Karadima’s victims say Barros knew of the abuse, having seen it, but did nothing. Barros has denied the allegations.
“The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, I’ll speak,” Francis said. “There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”
The pope’s remarks drew shock from Chileans and immediate rebuke from victims and their advocates. They noted the accusers were deemed credible enough by the Vatican that it sentenced Karadima to a lifetime of “penance and prayer” for his crimes in 2011. A Chilean judge also found the victims to be credible, saying that while she had to drop criminal charges against Karadima because too much time had passed, proof of his crimes wasn’t lacking.
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02-05-2018, 09:01 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
Is it clear yet?

The hierarchy of the catholic church is preying on children and catholics just go along like sheep.
The smell of revolution is in the air……

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis received a victim's letter in 2015 that graphically detailed how a priest sexually abused him and how other Chilean clergy ignored it, contradicting the pope's recent insistence that no victims had come forward to denounce the cover-up, the letter's author and members of Francis' own sex- abuse commission have told The Associated Press.

In the letter to the pope, Cruz begs for Francis to listen to him and make good on his pledge of "zero tolerance."
"Holy Father, it's bad enough that we suffered such tremendous pain and anguish from the sexual and psychological abuse, but the terrible mistreatment we received from our pastors is almost worse," he wrote.
On the plane home, confronted by an AP reporter, the pope said: "You, in all good will, tell me that there are victims, but I haven't seen any, because they haven't come forward."

"Holy Father, I write you this letter because I'm tired of fighting, of crying and suffering," Cruz wrote in Francis' native Spanish. "Our story is well known and there's no need to repeat it, except to tell you of the horror of having lived this abuse and how I wanted to kill myself."

He described how Karadima would kiss Barros and fondle his genitals, and do the same with younger priests and teens, and how young priests and seminarians would fight to sit next to Karadima at the table to receive his affections.
"More difficult and tough was when we were in Karadima's room and Juan Barros — if he wasn't kissing Karadima — would watch when Karadima would touch us — the minors — and make us kiss him, saying: 'Put your mouth near mine and stick out your tongue.' He would stick his out and kiss us with his tongue," Cruz told the pope. "Juan Barros was a witness to all this innumerable times, not just with me but with others as well."
"Juan Barros covered up everything that I have told you," he added.
Barros has repeatedly denied witnessing any abuse or covering it up. "I never knew anything about, nor ever imagined, the serious abuses which that priest committed against the victims," he told the AP recently. "I have never approved of nor participated in such serious, dishonest acts, and I have never been convicted by any tribunal of such things."

"Cardinal O'Malley promised us when Marie gave to him the letter of Juan Carlos that he will give to Pope Francis," she said.
O'Malley's spokesman in Boston referred requests for comment to the Vatican. Neither the Vatican press office, nor officials at the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, responded to calls and emails seeking comment.

But O'Malley's remarkable response to Francis' defense of Barros and to his dismissal of the victims while he was in Chile, is perhaps now better understood.
In a rare rebuke of a pope by a cardinal, O'Malley issued a statement Jan. 20 in which he said the pope's words were "a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse," and that such expressions had the effect of abandoning victims and relegating them to "discredited exile."
A day later, Francis apologized for having demanded "proof" of wrongdoing by Barros, saying he meant merely that he wanted to see "evidence." But he continued to describe the accusations against Barros as "calumny" and insisted he had never heard from any victims.
Even when told in his airborne press conference Jan. 21 that Karadima's victims had indeed placed Barros at the scene of Karadima's abuse, Francis said: "No one has come forward. They haven't provided any evidence for a judgment. This is all a bit vague. It's something that can't be accepted."
He stood by Barros, saying: "I'm certain he's innocent," even while saying that he considered the testimony of victims to be "evidence" in a cover-up investigation.
"If anyone can give me evidence, I'll be the first to listen," he said.
Cruz said he felt like he had been slapped when he heard those words.
"I was upset," he said, "and at the same time I couldn't believe that someone so high up like the pope himself could lie about this."
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03-05-2018, 07:35 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
The pope flies to Chile and gets chastised for supporting a deviant bishop protecting a deviant priest and comes home to a scandal.
From Chile we have:
"You, in all good will, tell me that there are victims, but I haven't seen any, because they haven't come forward."
"No one has come forward. They haven't provided any evidence for a judgment. This is all a bit vague. It's something that can't be accepted."
"If anyone can give me evidence, I'll be the first to listen,"

Gotta be a rough life to be pope. Maybe he should throw some more rocks at President Trumps’ wall with Mexico?

Italy? That is where the Vatican is located, right?

Italian Archdiocese Rocked by Scandal: Drugs, Gay Prostitution, Blackmail
The case began when male escort, Francesco Mangiacapra, decided to go public about services he had been rendering to Fr. Morini, who falsely presented himself as a judge. When the escort found out that his prodigal client was a simple parish priest, he decided to inquire about the financial source for all the lavish dinners and expensive gifts. Mangiacapra suspected the money came from the faithful and decided to report Fr. Morini to the diocese of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli.
But the diocese only acted once it found out that national broadcast show Le Iene was after the priest, so the bishop suspended him from his activities "due to sickness" and then transferred him to a €200,000.00 house, bought especially for him (monthly utility bills and maid included). These were allegedly obtained from the bishop of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli, Giovanni Santucci, through blackmail, as Morini had "threatened to expose to the public eye unpleasant facts about many diocesan priests." Bishop Santucci also gave Don Euro €4,500,00 from his own personal bank account, as well as €1,000.00 from diocesan funds. The bishop is also currently under investigation.
Last week Mangiacapra handed a 1,200-page dossier to the archdiocese of Naples with documents (including sexually explicit pictures) that prove the escort's involvement with 60 priests from all over Italy. Explaining his motivations to newspaper Corriere della Sera, Mangiacapra said, "The goal isn't to hurt the people I've mentioned [in the dossier], but to help them understand that their double life ... isn't useful to them or to the people who rely on them for guidance."

He continued, "Their behavior is, in many cases, a result of the impunity that the high hierarchy of the Church has made habitual: that unjust tolerance that feeds the idea that it is possible to separate that which is lived from that which is professed, as typical of those who have a schizophrenic, double morality."

And then you have………
Leading Northern Irish Bishop Steps Down Amid Gay Sex Abuse Scandal

You cant make this shit up.
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03-16-2018, 08:02 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
It seems that the pope is representing a value system that deserves to be challenged. I thought God...or whatever spiritual force you chose to believe was always there in the background balancing the forces of good and evil no matter what the homo sapiens were doing.
What is scary these days is the number of people I know that have brain functions which only process information that supports some sort values they have attached themselves to. Pick one....Planned Parenthood provides an abortion service killing millions of babies and they sell fetal tissue.
Ya but they don't all do that, they provide health care for a lot of needy women. And that is acceptable to them. There are forces at work in the background that do not serve humanity well.
Watch Paul Watson have a go at the Pope......
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03-18-2018, 09:56 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
Ya, but how about those vows of poverty? Do those called folks that become ordained into the catholic church….do they do the poverty vow any more? did the friend of the archbishop that gave the permission from Rome to sell the unit….did he get a cut?

What does the archbishop do with the $10M and the funds from the accounts of the sisters….feed the poor? Not sure there are enough poor and homeless in LA…..ya think?

EXCLUSIVE: Nun says she's left with nothing after bitter legal fight with Katy Perry over the singer's £10m bid to buy an historic LA convent where her sisterhood had lived over four decades

The house was built in 1927 for broadcaster and entrepreneur Earle Anthony, who enlisted the help of architect Bernard Maybeck. After being purchased by Sir Daniel Donohue and his wife Countess Bernardine Murphy Donohue in the early 1950s, they virtually gave it away to the sisters, who pooled their money together, and paid £431,000 in 1972 and paid it off over three years.
Sister Callanan says: 'All we are asking is to sell our own property, keep our own money so we can take care of ourselves until the last person dies, then the money and property can go to the archbishop. There's not many more years, give me a break. He's supposed to be a chief shepherd.

In 2005, Archbishop was supposedly given the go-ahead by the Vatican to take control of the convent although this point is now being disputed. A 'pontifical commissary' was put in place - like a conservator of the estate - who assumes responsibility for the sisters.
But Sister Callanan says: 'He claimed that Rome gave him permission, now we did a lot of research and Rome has done research, and these claims, this letter to give him authority was not from Rome, but a friend of the archbishop's.
According to Sister Callanan, he started 'sending us to retirement homes, one by one, separately, so we weren't a unit.' She says all their bank accounts were closed - they each had upwards of £215,000 in their accounts.

‘One by one’….this guy knew how to manipulate….just doin’ god’s work were ya? Got away with it did you not?
'All these years of my religious life, I would never have expected to be fighting an archbishop to keep our own property and money, so we can care for ourselves. We don't want the archbishop handling our money.
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04-12-2018, 07:15 AM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
Pardon me?

Associated Press
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis admitted Wednesday he made "grave errors" in judgment in Chile's sex abuse scandal and invited the victims he had discredited to Rome to beg their forgiveness.

“invited the victims…..” what does that mean? Does that mean the catholic church will fund the travel expenses for a group of victims to travel to Rome? I say:send those funds to help the people in Venezuela that are experiencing the results of socialism.

Some comments from the Link:

When this Pope took office he promised to clean up this mess. Instead, he focussed on Global Warming and Immigration and Synods to change the teachings of the Church on Marriage, did away with Hell and ignored abortion. He never lifted a finger to put an end to the scum and villainy that is the Vatican homosexual cabal. Sorry Francis, but now everyone sees you as what you really are, a fraud and a heretic. None of this should be a surprise because you are also a Jesuit.
"Karadima was a charismatic preacher who was removed from the ministry by the Vatican for sexually abusing minors and sentenced in 2011 to a lifetime of penance and prayer." NO JAIL??? How disgusting that there is no accountability for these monsters and the Vatican, time and time again, protects these predators. The Pope is a filthy pedophile protecting monster.

Oh….by the way, he has bad advice about global warming so maybe we can get invited to Rome to hear that apology. Maybe get flown there in the carbon spewing pope plane?

If our ecological conversion is real, Francis said, it will lead to concrete ways of thinking and acting that are more respectful of creation.
Among these are “avoiding the use of plastic and paper, reducing water consumption, separating refuse, cooking only what can reasonably be consumed, showing care for other living beings, using public transport or car-pooling, planting trees, turning off unnecessary lights, or any number of other practices.”
In his message, the Pope also applauded “a growing global political consensus” regarding the environment, praising the adoption of “Sustainable Development Goals” as well as last December’s Paris Agreement on climate change, “which set the demanding yet fundamental goal of halting the rise of the global temperature.”
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04-12-2018, 06:03 PM
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RE: Pope Francis is in trouble
There and goes the saying that the pope is a dope and a bear shits in the woods, considering the intelligence that I view from human leaders, I hope the bears will allow me a chance to grab a leaf.
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