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Full Version: Sandy Hook shooting
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Questions regarding Sandy Hook shooting.
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The final 48 page report:
And the appendix with missing and redacted information:
And the evaluation of the Newtown Police:
And the vid that got me started….Robbie Parker the day after his daughter was shot “3 to 11 times”. Go out to 8:10 to see it.
This has been discussed a lot in the past 3 months or so, and the things that stick in my mind are this:

The amount of information that has been dispensed to the public, by the authorities in charge, is so much less in this particular instance, as compared to ALL other mass shootings, that that, all by itself, raises all kinds of red flags.

That the anti-gun liberal agenda went into high gear, almost instantly, after this supposedly happened, and that the states of NY and CT passed large anti-gun legislation (within weeks!) of the event, is prima facie evidence that either this event came to be precisely to serve as the "poster child" for the liberal anti gun agenda........and was planned that way, or was an extremely (for them) fortuitous event, sort of a "useful disaster" if you can see what I mean.

I freely admit that I do not KNOW what really happened at Sandy Hook! That being said, however, maybe it did indeed happen exactly as the government authorities have told us......but do not believe that narrative is totally correct. Way too many politically connected folks had way to much to gain from this, that makes all of it look extremely suspicious, through my eyes. Tearing down the building where this is supposed to have happened, with more secrecy than the Manhattan Project, almost, is just the last straw.

All of this kind of stuff leads my mind to only one logical conclusion: What exactly is being hidden here, by those who are supposed to work for us and to give us enough information so that a reasonable person can find their story "believable"?

Likely the public does not know the "real truth" and never will.


I noticed that on AMG when others continually said well offer another scenario, and I did, a second shooter and one possibly enabled by others, there was no response. I'd say they would not broach that scenario, because let's face it, that scenario is quite horrific.

Just as horrific as the idea that we could have a coup d'etat back in the 60's, the idea is just too horrific for freemen to accept.
Responded the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs:

“Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid.”

Knock yourselves out picking this apart.

I'm taking 4 days off starting Sat or Sun. The news of the release has saved me the expense of buying a new book. Here were go . .
Serial numbers.
The cover letter of the report, from commissioner Bradford indicates that section 1200704597 covers the processing of the scene at the Sandy Hook school.
PDF file 00068254 in that section is an investigation report of items moved from the evidence room to the State Police Forensic Lab.

Item 108: Saiga shotgun.
SN HO 8402282
Item 056 Glock 10 mm
SN SMA 461
Item 057 Sig Sauer 9mm
SN UU676027

PDF file 00101811 is an exhibit report containing the following.
Exhibit #17 Bushmaster 223
SN L534858

Looks like the serial numbers of the guns involved are now public knowledge.
If you get tired of staring at the word "Redacted" in the report,
you can get some interesting info at one of the links below:

sofia smallstorm
Under Sec. 8; Autopsy, the bullets are .22 caliber rimfire bullets. There are no jackets and rifling marks are on the lead. Now, the Bushmaster can have a .22 rimfire conversion kit and still be a Bushmaster. Nowhere in the report have I seen any mention of empty brass by caliber.
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