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I am just wondering what everyone thoughts are on this subject.


I'm watching the movie as I type this. The narrator lives on a mountaintop in Shasta County, CA. I saw him interviewed in What in the World are they Spraying? He's pissed.

That movie is interesting for the number of politicians interviewed who then play Sgt. Schultz.

I'm crazy because I talk about this. Chem what? I talk about it because I watch it happen nearly every day. Cloud construction, if you're looking in, Mr. Udall.

Why in the World are they Spraying? is a follow-up to What . . ?, above. Watch the whole thing but at least check in at the 34th minute. The commodities trader will tell you how a farmer will make more money when his crop fails. Keep in mind that the new Farm Bill eliminates direct payments and beefs up crop insurance.
All I can say is, if you're still having trouble tying together

A. The militarization of the police

B. The suppression of the resistance

C. The collapse of our economies

Watch the movie. On a regular basis, I drive throughout the country and see the devastation, first hand. Maine looks like it's getting a pass, for the time being. It's going to look a little different when the refugees start showing up.

On the other hand, if you still think the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are full of hot air, don't waste your time. Science isn't your strong suit.

That's a link to another movie, recommended within the movie in the OP. Download the app and send Suzie some pictures.

Most of the media I've observed has been inclined to nobly raise a lot of questions without pretending to know the answers. The narrator in the OP's movie doesn't mince words. His conclusion is that chemtrails exist to exacerbate the conditions upon which global warming is blamed. It's being sold as a solution to cure the ills it is in fact causing. I share that belief.

I was in a tribal casino, south of Cortez, CO. A couple of the high muckety-mucks were walking the floor and welcoming customers. I had observed some heavy spraying as I drove to and walked in. I pointed it out and asked what he thought of that stuff falling on the reservation as they also have a huge ag business. He didn't say a word. He pointed to his temple and triggered with his thumb. 'Nuf said.
I don't know what to think about it.

I do like one of the opening assertions at the beginning of the piece Bob and that is we are ruled by psychopaths. I have little doubt about that.

Being confined to Maine, I have seen no evidence of spraying, apparently westerners do.

I have little doubt that if these psychopaths that we elect or pull the strings of those we elect, could kill vast numbers of us and just let us rot in a field to fertilize the soil they would willingly do so.
Mike, look up... you will see chemtrails being laid out in nice grid patterns even in Maine. These are not normal flight paths. And I do think geoengineering is behind it. Interesting to note that Monsanto has tons of patents on alumimum-reisistant plants, and aluminum seems to be a lot of what they are spraying.
If they waste all of that aluminum, how will they have enough left for your hats?
As I'm sure you really did know, polguy, aluminum is among the most abundant elements on Earth.

BTW have you bothered to read the patent for spraying aluminum oxide to mitigate global warming? What do you make of it?
Mike G. . . what 3PP said. Also, try searching for AMG+chemtrail. Someone started a thread with a picture and a question as to it's origins. Michelle Andersen followed it with a couple very clear pictures. I, of course, brought up chemtrails and was immediately dismissed as a nut.

polguy . . watch the 'what and why' videos and listen to the scientists who are behind chemtrailing explain to you what they are doing. Then break out the Reynolds Wrap.

The 'Look Up' video is the shortest of the group and a good 101 course for the unaware.

I'd worry first if we have psychopaths running this country and then debate whether fluoride, aluminum etc are added to our water or air.

When I was 11 everyone thought Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gun killing Kennedy. Now many think that was one hell of a coup d'etat. Should all those be wearing tin hats, there are so many false flags throughout history to deny them is to wear the tin hat.

There is no question in my mind that those in DC would kill us all if it was in their best interest, in fact they even vote that way and don't even attempt to hide it.
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