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Full Version: Homebrewing
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Well I cleaned out a closet and have lots of brewing equipment available, also supplies for wine making. Carboys, buckets, capper, caps, airlock, kegs etc. I just do not have the time or space to brew any more. I am not looking for anything other than to have the stuff used and enjoyed. The only thing needed is a cleaning, tubing and ingredients.
I wish I had more room, I'd take some of those items. I'm maxed out for space. But next spring I'm adding on to expand my operation a bit. Bad timing.
Northarrow, I still have all the equipment if you are still interested. Or anyone else for that matter
Thanks, Islander. But I bit the bullet on an expansion project at the ranch, and all my brewing equipment is in storage until probably early fall.
Well the way things are going I will probably have the equipment then. Lol
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