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Full Version: PUC is now a toothless organization
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I was told last Friday by a person in the PUC office that they cannot hold Fairpoints feet to the fire because the Legislature took away their authority. I had filed a complaint with the PUC regarding the terrible service of Fairpoint Comm. as to its service and its customer service.
It seems that the buck passing is now prevalent in the one organization that was designed to protect the public from ruthless communication companies. Since the divestiture and the subsequent free for all in the communications industry and with the selling of Verizon in Maine NH and Vermont to Fairpoint Comm. our quality of telephone service has gone down hill at an alarming rate. Is it any wonder that Fairpoint has lost tens of thousands of land-line customers with their horrible service and customer unfriendly customer service.
It is obvious that Fairpoint does not know how to be a telephone company and it is equally apparent that they don't care. Try reporting a trouble and you will get lost on voice mail hell and if you are lucky enough to succeed you will reach a live person who you can't hear. Then they many times don't understand what you are having for a trouble.
I have written to the PUC, OPA and the Governor, all to no avail. People are satisfied with the terrible service I guess, which is audibly full of distortion and noise. What we now have since Ma Bells demise if mostly a circle of fingers all pointing elsewhere and our once great telephone service is gone.
Oh I know that most are happy with what they have, garbled cell service but the day will come when in a national emergency when all telephone service will collapse and then where will we be?
The PUC has been in bed with the utilities forever! They don't have the slightest interest in what the consumers might want or think!

This major transmission line construction that has been going on for a while, is being built to be able to transmit this "windmill power" to southern New England where the states have made it mandatory to use a lot of it. Wind would not have any market otherwise.

So who will benefit from this new transmission line project?

The electric companies!

The windmill companies!

Who does NOT benefit from it?

The ratepayers of Maine!

So who paid for this new project?

The ratepayers of Maine, who will get NOTHING from it......thanks to our PUC!

Not to make it look any better, but all the ratepayers in ISO New England pay for the ridiculous transmission upgrade.
"The PUC has been in bed with the utilities forever! "

Someday, I hope to grow up and be as knowledgeable about everything as woodcanoe is. If anyone else would have written this quote, I would have laughed out loud. But in reality – its complete BS. Give any utility the option to become deregulated, and they would line up to bury the entire PUC in the same bunker that woodcanoe seems to inhabit.
I would love to see this business "deruglated". I would buy all the Quebec Hydro that I could, along with many other people who want cost effective energy, and they could scrap all of "Anguish Kings" windmills and turn them into Priuses for all the beautiful people!

If you're going to quote the word "deregulated", at least spell it correctly (deruglated it's not). BTW Hydro-Quebec is privately owned, so you won't be buying any stock any time soon.

Another one flies completely over Northarrow's head.
Guess my typing is not quite as sharp as Northarrow seems to think his brain is!

I would love to see the provision of electricity, in Maine, DEREGULATED (did I get it right that time, teacher?) as every consumer in the state would be paying about half of what we are paying now for it!

Instead we are stuck with the PUC, and the Maine legislature, doing all that they can to stuff the latest "wet dream" of the enviro nazis, up our backside! A previous legislature tried to determine that Quebec Hydro was "green power" but thanks to the machinations of Rep Stacey Fitts, R of Pittsfield, who is employed by Kleinschmidt, Inc, a firm that has made $$$$ on providing engineering services to the wind scammers, the legislature voted that down. Imagine that! Waterpower, that will be there NOT green? But you don't have to believe me on that Butthead, you can look it up if you know how to do a google search!

If it were deregulated you wouldn't even be able to sell your precious windmills for scrap, they would be left to rot in place, just like they have been abandoned in CA and some other places!

But those who wish to steal all of other people's money that they can, use the PUC, the Legislature, and any other political and bureaucratic outfits that they can bribe, to make stuff into LAW to force those of us who might COMPLY. All tyrants in history have used laws to make whatever they want to do, legal, so we can't interfere with their robbing of the public treasury! What's the matter with letting a "free market" set the price, oh wise one?

Scary thought for people like you, isn't it?

I used to sit on the Utility Committee of the Maine Legislature and its just like Woodcanoe says and MORE !!! These guys have been raping us for decades. Jim Mitchell, David Flannagan, Jack Cashman etc.etc.etc.... Both Parties let this happen because both party/gangs are criminal "Enterprises" controlled from on high & foreignly. How anybody in their right mind would be enrolled in either is beyond me. But wait. The Maine Republican Party/Gang is different. This gang voted in mass for Ted Cruz Mr Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is the largest and most criminal and most destructive of America, "Predator Bank" in the World. If you don't know this you need to! We are all being played for fools... -
I believe you after reading through my own book several times to proof it. it is an unbelievable story of exploitation and corruption. The PUC that you describe is just a part of a systemic culture.

My book is now available for Kindle on Amazon- soon to be available also in print.

I wrote it because part of the problem is because there has been given very little voice to opposition to the centrally managed economy which has been installed over our Constitution- its corruption inc- a no brainer because it is a centrally managed economy organized via public private relationships- as in special interests. Quid Pro Quo is enabled by the system for which every corporation chartered by the Maine legislature is authorised by statute to accept mony from any source!

My book Public Private Relationships and the New Owners of the Means of Production is on Amazon HERE

I hope I can get a few Mainers to read it before the election when Mainers once again approve all the "job creation" bonds.
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