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Full Version: sign-in fixed
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Took me a half hour to sign in.

Every time I get on net and visit site I have to sign in to post and now we have the I'm not a computer verification. Half the time you can't tell read the letters numbers, case sensitive.

Suggest that that be ditched, who wants the wade through this ridiculous security crap.
I'm not experiencing that.
Me either, just the normal login, both using an Ipad and a PC
There is probably something in the software that triggers computer verification. Like if you had trouble signing on for some other reason and had to try several times in a row, Mike, that might trigger it.
that is what triggered it, the dreaded cap lock key on my key board.

Key boards should be sold without a cap lock key IMO
It's a common complaint, a lot of people disable it using various methods. If it interests you try Googling "disable caps lock" and add your version of windows/osx to the search.
I am not sure what was going on, but it's fixed now. for the last couple of weeks it didn't remember me, nor my password and kept logging me out. All is good now.
me too
I know google chrome was having issues and comodo antivirus was conflicting with google and other programs. Not sure that is the issues but all of the settings are where they are suppose to be on the board. I will recheck them.
I've been using Firefox for years.
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